TFT member company ALPI has achieved FSC chain of custody certification

16 Mar 2010


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Douala, Thursday, March 12th 2010:  ALPI Group today received news that its Douala based wood processing factory had achieved FSC chain of custody certification. With strong links already established to FSC certified forests in the region, the certificate means that ALPI can now manufacture and supply FSC certified Ayous based products.  

ALPI Group has already been supplying poplar based FSC certified products through its Italian production lines. Ayous and poplar are the crucial raw materials Alpi Group uses to produce Alpilignum veneers, the decorative wood that has now become a world-wide symbol of the Group.

Luciano Pradal, director of the Group's companies operating in Africa, stated: "We are very pleased with this achievement. It is in total continuity with ALPI's philosophy towards production and sourcing. In 2009 our concessions and production facilities in Cameroon received the OLB certification (Origine et Légalité des Bois). OLB is a strong proof of the legality of the timber but also means that important measures are in place to guarantee and improve workers' health and  safety and to ensure that management is improved in processing and production sites. Now with FSC chain of custody and identified certified forest sources we can offer our full range of products with an even higher level of sustainability.

Alpi Group's FSC and OLB certified products now constitute a concrete responsible offer for all designers, contractors and manufacturers of furniture, windows and doors who are interested in using them.

Alpi woods can therefore be used in projects (e.g. public procurement contracts) that specify FSC certified or legally verified materials.

This certificate is an ongoing step in Alpi Group's long term commitment to the environment which has been part of the company's fundamental values for years. It marks one more strong step in its progression towards "excellence in forest management and in wood processing".

Marco Monti
Marketing & communication manager
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