Who we are

Leading transformation deep in the supply chain is a challenging journey to undertake on one’s own. We are a network of social, environmental, and supply chain experts spread across five continents, accompanying change from extraction sites to retailers’ boardrooms.


© TFT Our team on the ground

TFT is an international non-profit organisation that works with companies and communities to help them deliver their products responsibly. We are present in forests, fields and factories around the world to support the creation of products that respect the environment and improve people’s lives. Our team is comprised of business, social and environmental experts, catalysing positive transformation in many industries including wood, pulp & paper and palm oil.

Our philosophy of action is holistic, seeking to support positive change in the economic, social and environmental ecosystems in which  we work and bridging global markets with local needs. We do so by creating safe spaces for change, favouring fertile conditions for the seeds of others to grow. With a mixture of coaching, consulting and mediation, we strive to stimulate existing ideas and talents, and to maintain the integrity of initiatives that work with life (people and nature) rather than against it.

By changing the story of our products, we change the story of our planet.