Who we are

TFT is a global non-profit organisation that helps companies and communities deliver Responsible Products. We act on the ground in forests, farms and factories to help create products that respect the environment and improve people's lives.


© TFT/B.Saraber. Monitoring teak in Laos

Our work derives from a vision that there is a new chapter to be written for our planet, a different tale from the accepted one of coming doom and climate collapse. We believe we can start writing a different future today by changing the product stories that together compose the story of our planet; changing stories from ones of social and environmental degradation to ones of responsible resource management and community development. 

TFT works on the ground with companies and communities to seek solutions that transform products’ stories and their impact on people and the environment.  By changing the story of our products, we change the story of our planet.

Since our founding in 1999 our main focus has been to provide solutions to the issue of deforestation and the empowerment of forest dependent communities. We have helped companies transform their timber supply chains and stop forest destruction. Through the same model, we involved institutional donors and individuals looking to build capacity on the ground thus giving communities and local companies the tools to provide responsible wood products to world markets.

With our staff active in 14 countries, we’re working on a broad range of products using our supply chain expertise to identify and address the social and environmental issues embedded in them with a strong focus on natural resource management and traceability.

From forests and farms in Indonesia, Brazil and Cameroon to factories in China and India and retail stores in Europe and the US our experts are on the ground making real change happen, helping businesses and communities deliver Responsible Products.