What we do

TFT helps companies and communities to deliver Responsible Products.


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What differentiates TFT’s action is our unique model.

We focus on products and supply chains to bring about sustainable development. That's because we believe this is where the most concrete and powerful solutions can be found in the interest of all society’s stakeholders.  

To help communities and companies deliver Responsible Products and transform product stories we act on the ground; we influence product stories from extraction to disposal in forests, farms, mines, factories and retail stores.

While our work impacts every stage of the supply chain, our main focus is at the extraction stage. This is where often the most controversial part of a product story takes place, where the impact of products on people and the environment is often at its greatest and environmental and social issues are at their most complex.  Our foresters, agronomists and social experts work together with companies and communities to change local dynamics towards the responsible use of natural resources.


TFT supply chain model

We also focus on traceability systems. These are the arrows that bind a responsible product story together, allowing us to maintain real transparency and responsibility from all the key actors in a supply chain.  We have expert staff present all along supply chains that help set up and monitor robust tracking systems.

Having established a strong record of achievement with wood products, we’ve moved to address social and environmental concerns in a much broader range of products.

We can now also provide our Members with the right facts and field support to create responsible supply chains in other product categories.  We work with donors to build capacity on the ground for the responsible management of natural resources and link local communities to world markets.

Alongside our foundation Wood Group, we have established the Leather & Shoe, Cotton, Palm Oil and Paper Groups.