History & track record

In 1999 six companies trading in garden furniture founded the Tropical Forest Trust (now TFT) to help them secure wood from legal and well-managed forests.


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To solve these companies’ wood sourcing problems, TFT innovated effective ways to link businesses to well-managed tropical forests and introduced systems to verify that illegal wood was excluded from their supply chains.

Eleven years later, our members base has grown to 80 leading global retailers and manufacturers and our projects have expanded to impact 8.5 million hectares of land. We have made ground-breaking achievements in forest conservation and supply chain sustainability and transformed the European trade in hardwood garden furniture by working with companies such as B&Q, Marks & Spencer, E.Leclerc, Leroy Merlin and Crate & Barrel in the U.S.

We have also received a number of awards and recognitions including:

  • 2010 TTJ Award for Achievement in Sustainability in partnership with Premier Forest Products for work to achieve the first ever Verified Legal Origin (VLO) product from China. See http://www.tft-forests.org/news/item.asp?n=11188
  • 2008 Dubai International Award for Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment: Involving Indigenous People in Forest Management (Congo)
  • Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition (USA, 2007) for outstanding and invaluable service to the community
  • Tech Award Laureate (USA, 2007) in the Equality category, for using technology to benefit humanity
  • 2005 Winner of the World Bank Development Marketplace Global Competition: Innovation for Livelihoods in a Sustainable Environment.

With this eleven year record of success in the wood market, we have now established TFT Leather & Shoe, Palm Oil, Paper, Cotton and Stone Groups to bring our supply chain expertise to a broader range of products, helping our members deliver more Responsible Products to market and writing better product stories for our planet.