Press releases

With help of global non-profit TFT, timber operations in Congo Basin surpass 5 million hectares of tropical forest certified as sustainable

GENEVA (10 March 2011)-The nonprofit Forest Trust (TFT) announced today that an additional 571,000 hectares of rainforest concessions managed by Congolaise Industrielle des Bois (CIB), one of Africa‚Äüs largest timber companies, have been newly-certified under environmental and humanitarian good-stewardship rules, bringing to more than 5.3 million hectares of Congolese Basin rainforests now managed with sustainable practices.

Major Global Palm Oil Supplier Agrees to New Standards for Conserving Forests, Reducing Emissions in Indonesia

JAKARTA (9 February 2011)-The world's second largest palm oil company agreed today to a new standard to conserve vulnerable carbon-rich forests and peatlands in Indonesia through an agreement with The Forest Trust (TFT).

Major Timber Trade Conference discusses how to prevent deforestation by promoting legal and sustainable timber

Geneva (13 October 2010)-Twenty-four timber trade associations representing 35 different countries and 10 global forest companies attended the International Timber Trade Federation Day organised by TFT in Geneva from 6-8 October 2010 to discuss how to increase demand for legal and sustainable timber to prevent illegal logging and forests being converted into agricultural land.

Fuelled by Concerns of Illegal Logging, Forest Trust Helps UK Firm Import First-Ever Legal Plywood from China

Nanjing (11 June 2010)-The Forest Trust (TFT) announced today that a Chinese factory has for the first time produced plywood whose origins have been verified as 100 percent legal, the result of the non-profit TFT's partnership with a United Kingdom wood products company and the willing cooperation of a Chinese plywood maker, a group of Chinese poplar farmers, and a Malaysian timber producer and forest concession owner.

Non-Profit TFT to Follow Palm Oil Back to Source for Nestlé; Swiss Giant Commits to Excluding Suppliers that Destroy Forests

Geneva (17 May 2010)-The Forest Trust (TFT) announced today that Swiss consumer goods company Nestlé has agreed to a plan that will rid its products of palm oil purchased from suppliers whose activities are destroying vulnerable tropical forests in the developing world.

Great success for 2nd International Timber Trade Federation Day in Geneva

Geneva (30 October 2009)-The 2nd ITTFD "Solving Buyers' Needs in a Tough Global Market" aimed to bring together buyers and producers discuss issues in legal and sustainable timber sourcing. The event took place from 8-9 October 2009 at in Geneva and attracted this year again exceptional interest despite the economic downturn.

ALPI achieves OLB (Origin and Legality of Timber) certification

Geneva & Modigliana, ITALY (10 July 2009)-In June 2009, the ALPI Group was awarded the OLB certification (olb-cert-090501) for its forestry operations in Cameroon. Granted by Bureau Veritas Certification, this certification ensures the legal compliance and traceability of the wood produced and sold by the company.

Community wood cooperative in Central Java Province certified under Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) scheme

Kebumen, INDONESIA (4 June 2009)-Community wood cooperative based in the Kebumen Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia, has successfully passed the sustainable forest management certification audit under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) scheme.

TFT convened meeting in the home of Chinese Parquet Flooring Industry

Beijing ( June 2009)-TFT, in cooperation with CTDA Flooring Committee, held a workshop in late May for twenty leading Chinese wooden flooring manufacturers. The workshop was held in Jiashan, which has one of the largest concentrations of parquet flooring manufacturers in China. The meeting offered a great opportunity to bring TFT's activities in China and globally to the attention of Chinese flooring industry, which faces challenges in demonstrating legality to European and US markets.

VLO certificates awarded

Jakarta (8 April 2009)-Two TFT supported forest projects and one factory have been issued certificates of Verified Legal Origin (VLO) by the Rainforest Alliance's SmartWood program

Timber Trade Conference

Geneva (29 October 2008)-In Major Conference on Timber Trade, Private Sector Prepares for Proposed Tight Regulations to Prevent Illegal Logging 30 October 2008

Pygmees use GPS mapping in CIB

Geneva (27 May 2008)-World's Largest Contiguous Tropical Forest Certified in Congo Basin, Pygmies Use GPS Mapping Technology to Partner with Timber Company; Resulting Certification to Safeguard Massive Central African Forest Area

Timber Trade Federation meet Chinese Producers

Geneva (April 2008)-Timber Trade Federation meet Chinese Producers To Promote Market for Legal and Sustainable Timber Products

ALPI and TFT Work Together

Modigliana, ITALY (24 September 2007)-ALPI and TFT Work Together to Enhance Sustainable Forest Management in Cameroon Italian Timber Company commits itself to best practice in forest management in critical forest areas bordering a globally significant National Park

Consumers Hold Key To Chinese Attitude Toward Illegal Timber

London (9 May 2007)-New UK-Funded Report Says Consumers in US, Europe Hold Key To Transforming Chinese Attitude Toward Use of Illegal Timber

Effort to Fight Illegal Logging Intensifies as China's New Interest In Africa Adds Pressure to World's Tropical Forests

London (23 March 2007)-TFT announced this week they have rapidly expanded the China and Africa focus of their effort, which constitutes arguably the world's strongest system for excluding illegal tropical woods from commercial supply chains.

Radio Station for Remote Forest Communities Deep in the Congo Basin Broadcasts New Era for Tropical Timber

London (23 March 2007)-This spring, construction set to begin on a radio station deep in the Congo Basin whose broadcasts will be controlled by non-literate, indigenous Pygmy communities and local farmers, the latest development in an unusual alliance that includes one of the world's largest African hardwood timber concerns and TFT, independent nonprofit charity seeking new ways to fight illegal and destructive logging.