Why Responsible Products?

New regulations and changing consumer expectations are bringing new challenges for businesses.


Leading companies are compelled to learn more about their product stories.  They're expected to be aware of the social and environmental impacts of their supply chains all the way down to the raw material sources.

This concern about products is not a temporary trend but rather a growing and long-term shift in consumer values and creates considerable risks to brand equity and reputation.  Less well understood, but equally important, are the strategic benefits that companies enjoy when they establish responsibility and transparency in their supply chains.

These benefits include:

  • Enhanced reputation: Social responsibility pays a dividend in good will that can strengthen the bond with customers, motivate employees and influence shareholders.
  • Cost savings: Monitoring supply chains closely for their social and environmental impact usually produces efficiencies that yield innovations and unanticipated cost reductions.
  • Reliable supply: With ever more pressure on natural resources and increased volatility in the commodity markets, securing reliable access to sustainable raw materials becomes a strategic asset.

Changing product stories and delivering Responsible Products is a complex but powerful transformation that goes well beyond risk mitigation. It's a journey that has the potential to unlock real value for both your business and society.

Yet tackling environmental and social issues throughout the supply chain can be particularly difficult and these are issues often geographically and operationally distant from a company's core business and markets.

TFT support its members on the ground, giving objective insight into the realities of the supply chain and the practical support they need to create Responsible Products.

TFT is here to help you deliver.