Why TFT?

Why could TFT be your ideal supply chain partner on the journey to responsibility?


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We are business-minded
We are a non-profit organisation based on a business model to help uncover and transform product stories. Our objective is product responsibility not profit. We provide our services for a realistic cost.

We make the connection between businesses and civil society
We help our members manage their reputational risks by working with them set up credible action plans followed by transparent reporting to NGOs and the media. We provide an independent and trusted voice for our partners to find ways to move forward.

Our focus is on products
We are involved at boardroom level and offer CSR guidance, but the core of our approach is the understanding of product stories and how, by working in the supply chain, we can positively transform a product's impact on people and the environment.

We work on the ground
We work directly in forests, farms, mines, factories and stores all around the world to help move entire supply chains towards responsibility. We believe in concrete, on-the-ground action and solutions, not empty commitments and green washing.

We bring unrivalled supply chain expertise
We have developed unrivalled knowledge and expertise in traceability, natural resource management and the associated social issues. We have demonstrated our effectiveness through more than a decade's experience in the wood sector.

We rely on human enterprise as a force for good
We believe that most people prefer to spend their working lives doing good and that, with encouragement and direction, human entrepreneurship and creativity is the key to shaping supply chains that protect people and the environment.

80+ member companies who know we deliver!