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TFT offers a very different kind of partnership to businesses.



Becoming a TFT member means embarking on a journey, making a strategic commitment to constantly innovate and turn supply chain responsibility into a source of value for both business and society. 

TFT gives its members the facts and on-the-ground support to make this transformation possible.

The past decade has seen our membership grow rapidly with now more than 80 leading retailers and manufacturers around the world embarking on their Responsible Product journeys.

If you are interested in becoming a TFT Member, please contact us at info@tft-forests.org or call +41 (0) 22 367 94 40 for more details.

Who can become a Member?

We welcome companies of any size or nationality who are ready to commit to environmental and social responsibility at all points of the supply chain.

We currently have members in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Oceania. They include multi-national retail giants such as Nestlé, B&Q, The Macintosh Group, E.Leclerc, Leroy Merlin and Crate & Barrel, smaller high street retailers and suppliers dealing in thousands of containers and others with fewer than 10 containers a year.

See the complete list of our current Members.

Business partners

If you are not ready to commit to full membership we can assist you on specific projects or supply chain issues on a short-term consultancy basis.