Social Standards

A responsible product is one that respects the environment and improves people's lives at every stage of its lifecycle.

Increasingly companies and their customers expect that employment and working conditions in the plantations, farms and factories making their products meet the best social expectations. This is also part of the growing realisation that promoting high social and labour standards in the supply chain is not a separate issue from making commitments to environmental sustainability.

At TFT we believe both challenges are interdependent and should be tackled together to secure truly transparent, reliable and responsible procurement sources.

Along with our environmental expertise, we work with all areas of industry and at all levels of the supply chain helping to identify and tackle social issues.

We work with all areas of industry and at all levels of the supply chains, helping to bridge the gap between manufacturers & retailers and working to identify and understand the ethical issues wherever they occur in the supply chains. Coming from commercial backgrounds, we take a business focused approach to responsible sourcing as this, in our view, is the only way to deliver sustainable improvements.

We believe in working in partnership with all stakeholders to develop appropriate solutions to the varied ethical challenges faced in global supply chains. Our approach is one of engagement, consultation and realistic improvements.

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TFT does social audits and/or capacity building for the following companies: 


House Name Plate



Maisons du Monde