About our projects: How TFT changes product stories

So what do we mean by "changing a product story" and what does setting up a community radio station or a farmers group have to do with it?


© TFT/S.Lohri. Fieldwork in Cameroon

A product story is the history behind all of the things that come to be on the shelf in front of us so we can buy them. But what does this have to do with community radio stations or helping communities form trading cooperatives?

The answer is everything; changing a product story starts at the very beginning with the raw materials that go into making it, how they are harvested and what impact this has on the surrounding people and environment.

These activities are all part of TFT’s work on the ground to deliver Responsible Products and change product stories; to ensure products respect the environment and improve peoples’ lives at all stages of the supply chain.

Everyone is part of the story including the producers and retailers putting products on the market to the consumers who are making the final choice to buy or not. TFT is helping everyone to write a new narrative for products so they can respect people and respect the environment.

Here are some of the product stories that TFT projects are contributing to changing:

These are just some of the product stories that TFT is working to rewrite. See the full list of TFT projects.