SURE Technology

TFT's SURE Technology™ is a bespoke, user friendly, secure online platform which gives companies an unparalleled ability to monitor their supply chains and manage where and how the raw materials in their products are sourced.

The different features of SURE

TFT’s SURE Technology can:

  • Map supply chains to facilitate supply chain transparency.
  • Allow companies to trace their products throughout the supply chain. 
  • Allow supply chains to be monitored against responsible sourcing commitments and verified by TFT.
  • Provide Due Diligence System (DDS) Support to ensure timber legality and compliance with European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR), The Lacey Act and Australian Illegal Logging Prohibition Bill
  • Allow companies to communicate their product stories to customers.

Who can use SURE?

SURE can be used by companies at any point in the supply chain, from raw material extraction, processing, manufacturing, to exporting and retail.

Current product groups include, but are not limited to, wood, palm oil, leather, pulp and paper, stone, rubber, soy and cotton.

This reflects TFT's experience and international expertise in transforming complex commodity supply chains into transparent and responsible ways of doing business.

Why TFT?

TFT's SURE Technology is backed up by our unrivalled expertise in supply chains; TFT teams are working on the ground, side by side with retailers, manufacturers and suppliers in forests, quarries, factories and farms all around the world. No one else has our degree of expertise in transforming supply chains.